The band formed in the summer of 2018, with our singer Paolo Ricci and guitarist Vojtech Pacesny getting together and writing our debut single Spectre together, with no future plans about releasing the song or further cooperation. Throughout the course of writing the song, they began to realize that their cooperation together has potential and set a goal to find the most talented members in their local music scene.

We approached Michal Digtyar, a talented drummer, originally from the Ukraine, who at the moment played drums in an instrumental three piece called Change the Channel. Being impressed by his drumming skills and talent for marketing, they reached out to him and he thankfully accepted the offer. When it came to finding a guitarist/bass player, Paolo instantly knew that Matyas Hlavacek was a right fit, because he spent the last 4 years performing with him in the band SIGHTS.

SIGHTS shared the stage with many great bands, most notably Miss May I, In Hearts Wake, Hopes Die Last, For the Fallen Dreams and Our Last Night and has been nominated a Band of the Month on Artery Recordings page.

With the lineup complete, we set out to shoot a music video with an upcoming star in the Czech scene, Jachym Belcher, because we saw his incredible talent and sense for music in his music videos.

On the first of December 2018, we have released our debut single Spectre, which has received enormous praise in Czech Media and the online community. We also reached out to Egor Erushin, who is a famous Russian youtuber and he introduced our music to many amazing fans from Russia, which we all hope to meet one day!

After releasing the single, our singer, Paolo Ricci has moved to the United Kingdom, in order to have a bigger presence in the UK music scene and help to promote the band outside of the Czech Republic.

Seeing Things - Spectre (Official Music Video)